e. Mercato Weekend Treats!

We’ve really been fortunate with our weekend market project at Mercato Centrale @ BGC!  Our product has been well received, we’ve developed a group of regular or “suki’s”, and we’ve moved the project forward into an actual (not so serious) business!

Having said that, I’m really excited to tell you about our newest offering!

Chuck’s Grubberie and fourteen of the most popular shops in Mercato Centrale are offering big discounts and promos for one weekend only on April 30 and May 1. This is your chance to buy more of the food finds you love without breaking the bank. And also discover new chow that you’ve heard about but never tried before! There’s something for everyone from burgers to pies to desserts and more.

See below for more details, and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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i. chorizo e spinaci pizza at Amici

I’m not usually a big pizza fan but this was quite a treat.

Stopped by Amici in Greenhills for a quick bite after Tito Tony D.Z.’s funeral mass. Rikks has never tried it but I used to go to the original one by Don Bosco often when I still worked in Makati.

The menu’s more extensive now but the quality’s just as good as always.

We ordered the chorizo e spinaci pizza to share.

Tasted like pepperoni and the sausage slices were thick, making a nice bite. The white sauce was gooey, as though they spread a layer of cheesy, creamed spinach over that nice thin crust.

Yum! Polished off 2.5 slices each and took home the rest for merienda.

Back to work now!


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i. Pan de Bagnet at home

Pop it in the oven.

Bread-y pita bread from French Baker.

No need to slice it neatly or evenly. Just make sure to separate the crackling from the meat else you won’t be able to slice through.

Lop the tops off the pitas and push the pockets open.

Homemade honey vinaigrette.

The onions are done!

Stuff and serve. Yum!


Pat out the meat with a paper towel to remove the residual oil.

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e. New Beer Battered goodies at Chuck’s Grubberie!

We’ve been having so much fun at Mercato Centrale @ BGC! I never imagined there would be so many different types of foodies!  So far I’ve managed to profile at least 6 types: Continue reading

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e. Chuck’s Grubberie now ALL weekend!

Grubberie is now opened Saturday’s AND Sundays at Mercato
Centrale @ BGC

We’re having so much fun at Mercato Centale @ BGC that we’ve decided to join every Sunday as well starting this weekend (Jan 15 & 16)! No one was more amazed at the turn out last Saturday than us! Thanks to those who dropped by, and especially to
those that ordered more than 1 portion! We’ve listened to your feedback and have added options for chips only, fish only, and a mix of different fish in one cone. To enhance the experience even further, we’ve added a third type of beer into the beer batter mixture!

We’ve also added options for an extra portion of fish or chips, as well as a cone with one of each type of fish, for the hungry chippers out there!

Packaged in paper cone lined with wax paper- perfect for
smothering the insides with malt vinegar!

Chuck's Grubberie at Mercato Centrale @ BGC

We can’t wait to see you at Chuck’s Grubberie some weekend in the near future!

Chuck’s Grubberie at Mercato Centrale @ BGC, every Saturday & Sunday from 6am to 2pm.


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e. Chuck’s Grubberie is finally here!

I’m so excited to tell you about our new project, Chuck’s Grubberie! We’ve always wanted to put up an authentic English style fish &  Chips shop (locally known as a “Chippy”), and we’re finally gona get a chance to do so fro this Saturday (and every Saturday from January onwards) at the newly opened Mercato Centrale @ BGC.

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e. Pesto alla Genovese…. I, D-I-E

Sorry… watching a lot of Rachel Zoe lately…

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a nutter for pasta.  I spent some time on a pasta station when I interned as a chef in Thailand and spend a lot of time as a waiter in the Italian restaurant of the Four Seasons London,  and since then, have been obsessed by it.  I guess my relationship with pasta is like other peoples relationship with a burger.  When I’m hung-over,  I cook pasta.  When I’m need a pick-me-up, I cook pasta.  When I’m really happy, I still cook pasta!  Simply put, I just cook pasta all the time.

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